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To Provide online results (SSC, HSC, PSC, BPSC, JSC, BCS, Admission, National University,) and circulars (Job, Admission) of Bangladesh, Scholarship, Student Visa and many other info for every online user.

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Our first aim is to spread our knowledge to all beginner, learner, and students in every corner of online world

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Talha Roney

Me, Talha Roney is a young blogger. By profession I’m a BDS Doctor. Started blogging on 2008 and still enjoying to learn it. I love wordpress and blogspot for their user friendly environment.

Currently working at Dhaka Dental College, Bangladesh as a HMO. I am 25 years old and originally from Gazipur, Bangladesh. I love blogging and helping people. I update this website regularly with fresh contents. Visit this website regularly for updated information.

School Career:

I have completed my school career on Rani Bilashmoni Govt. High School. I have completed my SSC from there. I have spent such a memorable time, that I can say now, I got the lifetime friends from there.

College Career:

I have competed my HSC career from Gazipur Cantonment College one of the famous colleges of Bangladesh

Dental career:

I have competed my HSC career from Rajshahi Medical College Dental Unite one of the famous dental unite of Bangladesh


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